If Subway has "sandwich artists," I believe that Jersey Mike's has "sandwich performance artists." Here are my favorite conversations with Jersey Mike's employees:


1) Jersey Mike's employee: Do you work in this strip mall?

Rafferty: No, I work like a mile away from here.


JM: That sucks.


2) JM: You got anything special going on today?!?

R: No, just work.

JM: You're just like me. I hate the rain.


3) (Jersey Mike's employee puts a slice of cheese on a sandwich after I said, "no cheese.")

R: Hey, I uhhh... said, "no cheese."

JM: This one isn't for you! What are you, like super lactose intolerant?

R: Uhhh... yeah.

JM: (holding up his gloved hands) Will you get sick if my gloves touch cheese and then your sandwich?!?

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