My guest is culture journalist Scott Timberg. He's a former staff writer at the Los Angeles Times and author of the perspicacious book, Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class. We talk about the Great Recession's detrimental effect on the creative economy, the "middlebrow consensus," and, of course, Donald Trump. You can follow Scott on Twitter @TheMisreadCity

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Jokes about the Kathy Griffin "controversy," The Evergreen State College situation, and Tucker Carlson!

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I talk about the first days of the Trump presidency: the holocaust statement, his taxes and that it still sucks to have to look at him.

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I had the privilege of interviewing a dude who used to perform open-mic comedy and has since become an avid Donald Trump supporter. It was recorded live at the Tally Ho comedy show that I host with Venu Mattraw and Ahmad Radheyyan at My Father's Place at 9 PM every Saturday.

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The third edition Halloween edition of Doing the Dishes! I review the new season of Black Mirror, and interview a champion. This episode is sponsored by Halloween.

If you haven't listened to the first two:



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I'm taking the athletes to task who are grandstanding in the wake of Donald Trump's "locker room talk." This episode contains some very gross and disturbing stuff, so please be warned.

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This episode took place after the spectacular, September 24th edition of Tally Ho, the comedy show that Ahmad Radheyyan, Venu Mattraw and I run at My Father's Place every Saturday at 9 PM. This episode contains the three of us AND two other very funny people: Avalon Leonetti and Tony C. You get to hear Ahmad's Nardwuar impression! Incessantly!

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An audio essay about staying in an Airbnb in Mount Shasta, CA.

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Everything that you could want to know (OR WOULD WANT TO LAUGH AT!) about the 2016 presidential election. Enjoy!

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This episode is about AND CONTAINS funny ideas.

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