This is a short audio essay about how I think that religion will become cool again!

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I wrote an audio essay about Cards Against Humanity. And, no, they don't sponsor my podcast.

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If you're someone who likes comedy, American history or the history of old show business, The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels and the History of American Comedy, by Kliph Nesteroff, is the book for you. Hell, it's a book for anybody. It's THAT GREAT! Not only did I have the pleasure of reading the book, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kliph! This interview provides some great tidbits about Dick Gregory, Larry David, Mel Brooks and many other greats (and not so greats). Also, you can check out Kliph's amazing blog, which has been championed by Marc Maron, at

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This is a short essay I wrote about the clothing store, American Apparel.

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By now, everyone has listened to Marc Maron's interview with Lorne Michaels. If you haven't, you should! It's great! Coincidentally, before that WTF episode was announced, I was putting the finishing touches on a spec script of Marc Maron's IFC show, Maron, that dealt with his fraught relationship with Saturday Night Live. You can read it here:

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I ranked the the top twenty best television episode titles of all-time!

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It's Halloween! And I don't know how I did it, but I booked an interview with the actor who played Jigsaw in the SAW franchise, Tobin Bell! We chat about his legendary turn as Jigsaw, his appearance in SEINFELD and he gives some details on an upcoming project.

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My guest is the online editor of Bitch Media and host of the Popaganda podcast, Sarah Mirk! We chat about her journalism career, dystopian fiction and we debate whether or not Atheism is cool. Also in this episode, I outline my plan to catfish Mark Wahlberg.

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My guest is Mike Sacks! He's the author of two of my favorite books, And Here's the Kicker and Poking a Dead Frog. Both of the books contain interviews he conducted with some of the all-time comedy writing greats like Mel Brooks, David Sedaris, Jack Handey and Adam Mckay, just to name a few. He's also a published humorist, having written Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason, and he's on the editorial staff of Vanity Fair.

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The greatest comedian of all-time, Ahmad Radheyyan, is on the show and we drop the world premiere of the new Doing the Dishes segment, "A Minute with Ahmad." Also, I announce that I will, indeed, be ghost-writing your NaNoWriMo's, for 50 cents a page. If you are interested in me writing your novel, please e-mail me at

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