The podcast is back! I try to figure out what the song of the summer was, brag about the hot "follow back" I just got on Twitter and talk a little bit about Charles Manson!

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My guest today is RAMSEY ESS! He's a UCB improviser, freelance writer for late night television and writer of the "From the Archives" series on Splitsider. We talk about the history of comedy, writing topical jokes and datedness. You can check out his work on his website

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I chat with Portland stand-up comedian Nick Walker! We talk about Dick Gregory, cults and that time an audience member called me a "faggot" during my stand-up set! Also, Doing the Dishes has its first walk-on guest!

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This episode features my duet with musician, Will Raisl. We also talk about his upcoming album!

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My guest on the show today is Maze Koroma from the Portland hip-hop collective, Renaissance Coalition. You can find his music, as well as the rest of the group's music and videos, at

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My guest is musician Briana Marela! You get to hear her reaction to the Macklemore scandal! You can find her music at

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I sing the song "Some Nights" by fun. in its entirety!

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My potential sidekick and I talk about CORN and SCIENCE! Also, I am looking for a new audio editor for the podcast. E-mail me at raffertydoesthedishes@gmail if you are interested.

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I interview the legendary band, Poon!

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I don't know what this episode is about, but it's awesome! But maybe it stinks if the Dunning-Kruger claims that when you think you're great, you're actually incompetent. Then this episode sucks. It really, really sucks.

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