I am joined by the head writer of THE HARD TIMES, host of EDGELAND, and stand-up comedian, Bill Conway. Not only has THE HARD TIMES been mentioned by the AV Club and Brooklyn Vegan, its articles have been shared and liked by YOU on Facebook and Twitter! In our chat, Bill tells me what is and what isn't punk, and we talk about the time he interviewed Matt Besser, founding member of The Upright Citizens Brigade. You can find THE HARD TIMES at http://thehardtimes.net/ and EDGELAND at http://www.edgelandpodcast.com/

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This is my interview with the rapper, KizMet! We talk about homophobia in hip-hop, Fat Joe, and stand-up comedy, which is a topic that I am a LEADING EXPERT on. Check out KizMet's music at https://callmekiz.bandcamp.com/

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My guest is Marjorie Sturm, the director of the new, fascinating documentary, The Cult of JT Leroy. The film (which might be one of my all-time favorite documentaries) won the Jury Prize at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival. For more information on the film, check out its website: http://www.jtleroydocumentary.com/

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IT'S THE PODCASTING EVENT OF THE YEAR: I will decide my new Twitter Handle ON. THE. AIR.

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My guest is the stand-up comedian and host of "Minority Retort," Jeremy Eli! We talk about puns, comedy controversies and "Frasier"!

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The show adds a laugh track and I list the things that suck in the world.

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On this episode I'm supposed to interview the comedian Steve Hofstetter! Spencer Higginson of McShirehampton's House drops a line.

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This episode features a conversation about podcasts with the host of the podcast North of Failing, Dylan Jenkins! You can find his show at http://dylanjenkinspdx.podomatic.com/ or on iTunes!

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The podcast's first purely sound collage episode. Give it a listen!

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I discuss the ACTUAL importance of free speech, and wonder why Kenny Kramer (aka "The Real Kramer") hasn't capitalized off of "Modern Seinfeld" @SeinfeldToday

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