I talk about public tranportation without making any "make sure to get your ticket" jokes because that would be awful.

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I talk about food with comedian and chef Joe Hieronymous. Also, film critic Risco Treets lists his top five favorite food films.

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Today on the program, I talk about names. My name is Rafferty Thompson and I speak with Carley Martin and Jake Waluconis about how they decided to name their child! Also, Risco Treets reviews the 1980's classic "Heathers"!

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For the first episode of Doing the Dishes, Rafferty Thompson examines Satanism with the help of mediamaker Mathias Bartlett and filmmaker Nik Nerburn. We roast the Devil, talk about Nik’s film “Paul” and film critic Risco Treets reviews “Rosemary’s Baby”.

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