IT'S THE PODCASTING EVENT OF THE YEAR: I will decide my new Twitter Handle ON. THE. AIR.

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"How will 'Mad Men' end?!?"


With my favorite show, Mad Men, ending soon, people have been asking me, "How do you think Mad Men is going to end?!? Do you think Don's going to die? Haven't you ever noticed that in the intro there's a dude falling off of a building?!?"

I honestly don't care about TV fan theories, nor do I understand their creation. Making an elaborate supposition about where a television show will go seems like a lose-lose situation. What happens when you're wrong? You'll probably look like a fool and have definitely wasted your time. And if you're right? If someone tells you a joke and you know what the punchline is going to be by just hearing the set-up, that's an awful joke. So if you're fan theory is correct, you'll have only entertained yourself, because the show clearly didn't entertain you. Thus, all TV fan theories are a waste of time.

So let's just sit back, have a drink, smoke some cigarettes, take an energy serum, watch the end of Mad Men, and leave the worrying about being right or wrong about outcomes to the fools who made March Madness brackets. And don't dress up to watch the show like William Shatner-impersonator, Kevin Pollak.

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The show adds a laugh track and I list the things that suck in the world.

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On this episode I'm supposed to interview the comedian Steve Hofstetter! Spencer Higginson of McShirehampton's House drops a line.

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This episode features a conversation about podcasts with the host of the podcast North of Failing, Dylan Jenkins! You can find his show at or on iTunes!

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The podcast's first purely sound collage episode. Give it a listen!

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I discuss the ACTUAL importance of free speech, and wonder why Kenny Kramer (aka "The Real Kramer") hasn't capitalized off of "Modern Seinfeld" @SeinfeldToday

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My guest is the host of THE BEST SHOW, Tom Scharpling. We talk about ESPN, the return of THE BEST SHOW and Anthony Bourdain's fascination with Nickelback. Tom's show can be heard live on Tuesday night's from 9pm to midnight EST. For more information, go to

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It's Christmas Eve and I'm here to help everyone who's still shopping! I share some last-minute Christmas gift ideas!

The Christmas theme music was composed by Spencer Higginson.

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I interview the writer and humorist, Dennis Perrin. He's written for Splitsider, Politically Incorrect and Family Feud host, Ray Combs. We talk about his career and the highly influential biography he wrote, Mr. Mike: The Life and Work of Michael O'Donoghue.

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